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Remarkable Calculation

Irish Engine

Mountain Streams

Oscillating Engine

Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad

Mob Rockets

Air Line Railroad

Sunday Disasters

Singular Explosion of a Boiler

Providential Escape from Death

Telegraph Improvement

Currents of the Ocean

Nothing Like Big Words

Mowing Machine

Inhalation of Medicinal Vapors


Turpentine for Poison

Working Classes of France

Washington's Library

Verdict of a Railroad Collision

The Laborer is Worthy of His Hire

City of Hudson


The Navy

Adams & Co's Express

American Rural Life

Damp Winds of Buenos Ayres

Mosaic Tapestry, Copying Paintings, & c

French System of the Organization of Labor

Stiven's Parallel Vice

Counter-Sunk Rivets for Palls

Transferable Slips

Engine Trumpet

Extraordinary Musical Mechanism

Machine for Silvering Looking Glasses

Machinery for Inclined Planes

Machinery for Inclined Planes

Novelties in Steam Engines

New Artificial Hand

New Looking Glass

List of Patents

Improvement in Daguerreotyping

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

A Caveat

Economy of Power in Cotton Factories


Old Independence Hall

Maker of the Infernal Machine

The Scientific American

Claim of Woodworth's Patent

The American Institute

A Republican Blacksmith

Reaction Water Wheels

Terrestrial Magnetism.--Central Heat

The Patent Office

Theory of Population

Cotton Duck

Patent Agency

Rectilinear from Circular Motion

The Fiery Shower


How to Enlarge Vegetables

Electricity from Leather Bands

Instrument for Drawing an Oval

Malleable Iron and Steel

Discovery of Hæmatinon

To Clean Steel and Iron

Automaton Extraordinary

Alternate Traverse in a Revolving Cylinder

Steaming and Washing Colored Goods


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Last Machine

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May 13, 1848

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