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Bain's Electro Chemical Telegraph

Rail Road News

Day Line To Boston

To Spring

Great Western Railroad

New York and Boston Railroad

Death of a Chief


A Rhyming Youth

A Hint to American Shippers

Important Invention

Sheet Tin

Composition Building

Pacific Railroad

Important, if True

How to Grow Rich

Extraordinary Remains

Old Independence Bell

The Propeller Albany

Ewbank's Hydraulics

Latest Improvement

Telegraph Wires

Self--Discharging Flour Chest and Flour Packer Combined

American Journal of Agriculture and Science

Large Sale

Steamboat Fare on the Lakes

New York Hermit in Mexico

New Card Press

Improved Wrench

Sam Patch Outdone

Indian Superstition

A Bit of True Philosophy

Metallic Salts

A Beautiful Thought

Vegetable and Animal Carbon

An Old Man

Luxury of Ancient Rome

Steamboat Speed

Queer Fancies

Neutral Salts

Improved Horse Rake

Cleaning Filters

Self-Feeding Oil Can

New Railroad Coupling

List of Patents

New Plasterer's Trowel

New Barrel--Dressing Machine

New Carriage

Nevin's Dough Mixing and Kneading Machine

Improvements in Sawing

Threshing Machine

Arkansas Lead Mines

Appropriations for Agriculture

The Ediograph

The Coal Trade


The Dignity of Labor

Practical Blunders

Substitute for Marble

Disinfecting Fluids

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Female Philanthropy

Morocco Leather

Lost Inventions

Female College

Exchanging Pearls

Excavations in Pompeii

Electricity Universal

Canadian Improvement

Phenomena of Sound

A Temperance Society in Prussia

Patent Agency



A Perspectograph

Looking-Glasses for Birds

Indelible Ink

The Scientific American

Graham's Escapement

Caoutchouc from Drying Oils

Mechanical Movements

Oscillating Column

Watering Dahlias

To Transfer a Print to the Surface of Wood


Receipt for Cleaning Engravings

Keeping Fresh Beef


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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