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The Wandering Wind

Spare the Birds

Avery's Improved Atmospheric Railway

Artesian Well at Venice

The Human Tide

Boston and Worcester Railroad

Pompeii a Railway Station

The Androscoggin and Kennebec RailRoad

Railroad Extension

Immensity of the Earth

Covering Corn


A Long Train


A Ghost Laid

Late News

Influence of Cleanliness


Conway Tubular Bridge

Rice Crop

Miscellaneous Tree

Increase of Memphis

Freak of Lightning

Manufacturing in New Haven

Distressing Occurrence

Manufacture of Silk in the Eastern and Southern States

China Silk Market

Argument For and Against the Use of Lickerins Upon Cotton Cards

Velocity of Water

Tricks Upon Birds

Talent Always Worth a Price

Rug Weaving

Sting of a Bee

List of Patents

Avery's Atmospheric Railway

A Curiosity

New Button Mould Machine

A New Telegraph

Carpet Loom

Revolving Apparatus for Clearing Railway Tracks

New Steam Vacuum Guage

Improvement in Cleaning Cotton and Wool

Shingling Machine

Hydrostatic Valve

Wire Fence

Illinois Iron

Every Man a Farm

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Newspaper Chronicles

The Patent Office

Scientific Papers

Rights of Inventors

The Jacquard Machine--Its Invenior

George Canning

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

Science and Religion

Universal History

Every Man his Own Cobbler

Holden's Magazine

The Western Journal

Patent Agency

Utility of Blue Glass for Hot Houses

To Prevent the Ravages of Moths

Composition for Welding Cast Steel

New Fruit

To Ornament Picture Glasses with Gold

The Scientific American

Corn Cob

Bottling Asparagus

Method of Bringing Out Sculpture upon Alabaster

Cheap Roof

New Use of Waste Steam

Vegetable Flights



Continuous Circular Motion

Axioms to be Observed in Making Copal Varnishes

Parallel Rule

Phenomena of Light

Hints to Lovers of Flowers


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Woodworth's Patent

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