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Kitchen Song

Albany and Buffalo Line

Railway and Steam Boat Whistle

Jersey Railroads

Canada Maple Sugar

Progress of the Philadelphia Road

The Battle of Our Lift

Sackets Harbor and Saratoga Rail Road

Mobile and Ohio Railroad

To Preserve Beef Steaks

Shortening the Mississippi

Foreign News

Method of Washing

Evading the Law

Manufacture of Pins

Whiskey and Grain

Antimonial Paint

Chloroform and Ether



Gone to Pot

Engineers of Steamships

Composition of Corn

Trial Trip of the Crescent City

Southern Manufactures

Mexican Idol



Care of Fruit Trees

Banvard, the Artist

Baltimore Mechanics' Fair

Niello-Metallic Engraving

A New Water Cement

New Lever Press

The French Sewing Machine

New Engines

Escape Fire Ladder

Malleable Iron

Inventor's Claims

Paddle Wheels

Improvements in the Manufacture of Iron

List of Patents

Improvement in Flower Pots

Cannon Primer


American Manganese

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Motive Power

English Horses

Wants of the Working Classes

Music of the Hammer

A Good Move Among Workmen

Glass Floors

Labor Saving Machinery

Gutta Percha Patents

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

Woodworth's Patent


Advice to Parents

A Gem

Patent Agency

Electro Gilding and Plating


The Scientific American

Cleaning Trees

Olive Green

Curiosities of Mechanism

Oblique Lever and Wheel

Coloring Wood


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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