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Preserved Milk

Massachusetts Railroad

Summer Music

Hartford and Providence Railroad

Iron Planing Machine

Beauty's Eyes

Montreal Mining Company


New York Railroads

Mobile and Ohio Railroad

The Alpine Horn

Convict Labor

New Marriage Act

Living in Common

Railroad Chairs

Anthracite in Russia

White Fish

Republican Dames

A Nice Point of Law

Ocean Steamers

New Cave

Underground Street

The Playmate

Preservation of Milk

To Stop Bees From Fighting

The Microscope and Riches

The American Architect


Mysteries and Miseries of New York

The Diamond

Dyak Iron Furnaces

Tea Drinking in Siberia


Fancy Weaving

Chinese Dentist


Printing Warps

Oil from Rosin

Improved Spirometer

Self-Acting Alarm Whistle and Pressure Guage for Steam Boilers

List of Patents

Boot Crimps

Improvement in Stave Dressing Machines

Self-Acting Annunciator

New Railway Brake

Gimp and Fringe Machine

Man's Abilities

British Patents

Knowledge is Power

A New Acid

More Novelties in Steam Engines

Iron from Lake Superior

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Pure Water

Origin of Letters Patent

Steam and Gases

Picturesque Hair-Cutting

Natural Productions of Borneo

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

Peat and Peat Mosses

Porous Brick and Stones

Hereditary Propensities in Dogs

Matthew Hale and the Poor

Patent Agency

Garden Automaton

To Exterminate Bugs

Pruning Peach Trees

Musical Fishes

Another Parallel Ruler

The Scientific American

Reading and Speaking



Strength of Rope

Curve Delineator

Artificial Cold

To Make Superior Potato Bread


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