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Spring is Bearing Back Her Roses

Cheshire Railroad

Connexion of the Providence and Stonington Railroads


Northern Railroad

Ransom Cook's Electro Magnetic Ore Separator

Anthracite Ashes

American Journal of Agriculture and Science

First Female Member of the A. A. A. S

Gutta Percha Boats

Late News from Europe

Too True

Marriage and Health

Oil from Tar and Pitch

Principles of Zoology

A Deadly Instrument

American Institute

Distribution of the Loaves and Fishes

Wire Fences

Stave Dressing Machine

Telegraph Race

The Last Machine

Argument For and Against the Use of the Lickerin Upon Cotton Cards

Fancy Weaving

Peat and Peat Mosses

Rural Architecture

Science and Art

Wooden Bridges

Smut Machines

Galvanic Spectacles

Cleaning Wool and Cotton

Improved Cheese Press

Improved Water Wheel

Improvement in Pianos

Improvement in Surveying

Improvements in Lace Dressing

List of Patent

Magneto Electric Machines

Railway Switches

Reid's Lightning Exhauster

Track Sprinkling

Electro Magnetic Ore Separator

Ascent of Popocatapetl

Marble and Cements

New Charts

Patent Agents

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Ancient Work on Mechanics

Steam Navigation

Skill in Darning Rents

Green Tea and Black Tea


Cotton Cultivation in India

Evils of Match Making

An Old Printer

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

Patent Office Report

Patent Agency

An Oil to Prevent Pictures from Blackening

Soap Plant

Artificial Cold

Vibrating Lever and Catch

Purple Color

Curious Icelandic Custom

To Whiten Bones

To Restore Wine That Has Become Sour or Sharp

To Petrify Wood, &c

Copying Drawings

To Gild on Calf and Sheep Skin

To Dye Wood Red

The Scientific American


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June 17, 1848

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