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Do Something

Rapid Travelling


Railroad to the Pacific

Railroad Suit

The New Orleans Telegraph Line via The Mississippi Valley


Pratt and Morse's Improved Railroad Brake

India Rubber Springs

Song of a Poor Man

Plttsburg and Connellsville Railroad

Otto of Rose

Wool Trade in Michigan

Wonderful Marching

Westphalia Hams

Lead Pipes

The Sun Flower


Composition of Corn

Railroad Accident

The Bear and the Tea-Kettle

An Editor in Luck

New Way of Sowing

Splendid Prize

Prize Essays by Working Men

Potatoe Disease

A Lump of Silver

What a Spike Can Do

Improvement in St. Anthony's Falls

Fire at East Boston

Be Firm

A Bold Push for News

Model Manufactory

Health Associations

Fast Walking

Dust of Roads

As Good as a Yankee Trick

Gropher Hunt

Ancient Metals

Seidlltz Powders

Preserving Currants


To Preserve Strawberries

To Preserve Cherries

Chemistry Applied to the Arts

Cabbage and Greens


Receipts for the Cure of Hydropnobla

The Nitre Lakes in Egypt

Bleaching Resin and Shellac

New Loom

Self-Adjusting Ox Yoke

New Carriage Hub

Ocular Discovery

Steam Boiler Alarm

Improvements in Saw Mill Gearing

Fire-Escape Ladder

Patent Shirt Collar

New Telegraph

Jointing Staves

Improvements in Sawing Machinery

Broom Reform

New Spoke Machine

List of Patents

Improved Faucet

Glass for Leather Cutting Boards

Machinery for a Cotton Factory

Lead and Zinc Mines of Kentucky

Cost of 1000 “Ring” Spindles and Preparation

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Report of the Patent Office

Patent Suit

Survey of the Copper Mines

Selling an Invention Before a Patent is Secured


Mechanics Associations

Influence of the Fine Arts

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

The English Patent Laws

Collections of Specimens from Soundings

Two Dispositions Contrasted

Russ Pavement

Pictorial National Library

Patent Agency

The Illuminated Vacuum

Glass and Milk

Artificial Cold

Art of Dyeing--Drab Color

The Scientific American

Galvanic Battery


Rectilinear Motion and Circular


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    On Brick Manufacture

  • Steam Boilers

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