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The Telegraph

The New Star

Fanny Forester's Bird

Salmon of Oregon

Memory of the Past

French Railways

Rail Road News

Ira Carter's Cheese Press

Nature of Spots on the Sun

Cooking and Copper

Rapid Motion

Naturalization Laws

Late From Europe

Boston Water Works

A Political, Nail

Ventillation and Chimney Tops

Great Criminality

Getting Rich


A Splendid Car

Haunted House

Smithsonian Institute

Saw Setter

To Plant Chesnuts

The Penalties of Distinction

Profits of Farming

Foes of the Rattlesnake

Effect of the Spirit Rations in the British Navy

The Forests of Oregon

Labor in the United States

Ruins of Baal-Bek

Medical Uses of Salt


Roman Artificial Pearls

Families of Literary Men


List of Patents

Improvement in Organ Pipes

Hollow Iron Piles

Gutta Percha and Caoutchouc

Tailor's Body Measure

Atmospheric Churn

New Roofing Tiles

Balance Valves for Steam Engines

New Rat Trap

Paper Hangings

New Materials for Paving

Plumb Rule

Paper Folder

Massey's Grain Drier

Fitzgerald's Cannon

Atmospheric Railways

Sleepers for Plank Roads

Shingle Manufactory

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Preservation of Posts

Washing Butter

New England Lead

Theory and Practice

Peg Manufactory

A Chinese Farm House

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

Belting for Machinery

A Head House in Borneo

Hints on Steam Boilers

Glass for Lamps


New Salt Spring

The People's Library

Patent Agency

Valuable Bridge

Girard College

Universal History

To Our 20,000 Readers

The Scientific American

Double Traverse Motion

More About Cameos

Yellow Color

Gold in the Violet

To Paint the Sliders of Magic Lanterns

Gems Altered by Art

Cure for Lockjaw

Crooked Levers


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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