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Minerals of Indiana

Pennsylvania Line

Pease's Buckwheat and Other Grain Separator

Metallic Evaporization

Overflowing Wells

A Speaking Telegraph

Labor Worship

Improvement on the Boston and Stonington Railroad

Scientific Darkee Trick


All Stopped

Advertising for a Wife

Wash for Buildings

Hardened Vilainy

Cheap Postage

League of Universal Brotherhood


Cotton Thread Factory

Flying Seeds

Diminished Prices


Opinions of Our Ancestors

Kentucky Crops

The Sugar Crop


Population of Germany


Novel Travelling Machine

Manufacture of Silk in the United States

Harvest in Virginia

Frightened Black

Tea Drinking

Subterranean Gasometer

Burring, Carding and Combing Wool Machines

A Sensible Answer

Little Kindnesses

Boot Planes

Bell's Oblique Tennon, or New Method of Dovetailing

Improvements in the Manufacture of Iron

The Viometer or Travelling Register

Improvement in Stuffing Boxes

Simple Boiler Feeder

Organ Pipes

New Hemp Brake

List of Patents


Novel Dredging Apparatus

The Croton Bridge

A Subject for Discussion

Canal From the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific


Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Manufactures in the South

The Magnetic Telegraph

Steam Engines and Price and Power

Light and Vegetation

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

Indian Corn in England

Curious Pearl Fishing Story

Labor Lost

The Town of Singapore

The Soap Tree

A Rebuke


Death of the Submarine Armor Inventor

Manufacture of Glass

The Water Cure Journal

Patent Agency

Platinizing by the Moist Way

Manufacture of Marbles

Lac Scarlet



Cement for Copper Boilers

Live Fence

The Scientific American

Copying Engravings

Circular and Rectilinear Motion

Arseniate of Copper

Straw for Bonnets

Working Ship Pump

Varnish for Wood Patterns

To Find the Pressure of Air


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    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Foreign Correspondence

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