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Large Locomotive

The Southern Magnetic Telegraph

John Little John

Items of Niagara Suspension Bridge

Steam Hammer Engine

Michigan Central Railroad

The Steamer United States

The Harvest in France

Latest Foreign News

Subterranean Stream

Paper Making

New Flour

Napoleon's Jailor

Marrying a Deceased Wife's Sister

Emigration from Great Britain

Charges against the Commissioner of Patents

A Splendid Sewer

Increased Commerce

Greasing Carriage Wheels

Early Harvest

Stopped Work

Caution to House Keepers

Power of Water

A Knotty Question

A Feat

Mammoth Bones

Saving of Fuel in Gas Works

Atmospheric Pressure

A Compliment to the Ladies

Magnificent View

Infringement of a Patent

Holden's Dollar Magazine

Death from Tobacco

A Freak of Lightning

Laying to on the Erie Canal

Watch Chain


Beautiful Ornithological Display

Man's Friends

The Past and the Present

Coal for Fuel in Western Steamboats

A Hanging Bridge

Thrashing by Music

Cunning of the Fox

Trimming Books

Separating the Hull of Wheat

Rivet Machines

New Surveying Instrument

New Process for Preserving Wood

New Carding Machine

Trigonometrical Bevil and Rule

Glass Water Pipes

Universal Orrery Globe

New Electric Patent

Grain Separators

Carving by Machinery

Grain Driers

New Counting Machine and Indicator

Something of a Curiosity


Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Bentz's Unbranning Machine

Burning of a Railway Bridge

Congress and Patent Rights

The Iron Mines of Nova Seotia

Good Humor

The Clasp Coupling Joint

Foreign Correspondence

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

Lamartine&s Remembrance of His Youth

Migration of Eels

The Indian and his Famishing Wife


Patent Agency

To Correspondents

Water Pressure

Some Properties of Carbon

Substitute for Glass for Electrical Machines


Railway and Telegraph

Bronzing Different Metals

Beautiful Gutta Percha Composition

Horizontal and Perpendicular Motion

The Scientific American

Double Gilliflowers

Curious Effect of Violet Rays upon the Electric Telegraph

Royal Blue

Obtaining White Outlines from any Kind of Paper


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    July 15, 1848

    Confronting Common Wisdom