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Auburn and Rochester Railroad

A Turtle's Age

A Wish

Railway Travelling in England

Improved Steam and Water Rotary Engine


Novel Challenge

Girard and the U. S. Banks, and the Vicksburg Railroad

Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad

Public Speakers


The Pine Distemper

Harvest Drink

Poisonous Clams

The Ten Hour Law

Heads and Texts

Quick Sailing


Thrilling Scene at Niagara Falls

Revenge Extraordinary

Lead Pipes

Discovery of Indian Relics

Shoeing Horses

Table of Railroads

Monster Snake

Fearful Fall

Palpitation of the Heart--Tea, Coffee and Tobacco

Perfuming the Theatre

Potato Cure

Atmospheric Locomotive

Canal Around the Falls of St. Mary

The Bank Swallow

Remarkable Powers of Ventriloquism

Charm of Music

Subterranean Fire in England

Vegetable Instinct

Discovery of Mummies at Durango in Mexico

Model Potato Garden

Cast Iron Car Wheels

Great Improvement in Filtering Water

Hardening Hides


Pneumatic Steam Guage

Improvement in Brick Presses

Locomotives for Inclines

Mode of Measuring the Depth of the Sea

New Patent Lever Vice

Fitzgerald's Braiding Machine

Novel Clock

Coal Trade

Interesting to Our Readers

Cheapness of Foreign Railroad Iron

Shipbuilding in this City

Unprecedented Demand for Old Papers

Suspension Bridge

Young Men

Fatal Test

The Cotton Trade

Gas Engines

Pumps for Vessels

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

The Prussian Parliament

A Gentleman

Three Poets in a Puzzle

The Dismal Swamp

Patent Agency

Phrenological Almanac

A Splendid Locomotive

Portrait of Gen. Taylor

Salt Water Baths

Steam Omnibus

Practical Receipts

Adulteration of Olive Oil

Nutmeg Tree

Nitrate of Silver

More Mineral Paint

Extract of Dandelion

Zigzag, or an Eccentric Motion

The Action of the Acetate of Morphia on Children

Economy in Cooking Cranberries

Velocity of Electricity

Mode of Preparing Tannate of Iron

Dressing Warps

The Scientific American


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Outrage Upon Inventors Rights

  • Foreign Correspondence

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July 22, 1848

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