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Rock Salt for Horses

Roger the Poet's Wish

Singular Restitution of a Bible

The Dead Sea

Chicago and Galena Railroad

Improvements in Diminishing Draught and Friction on Carriages

Jamie's on the Stormy Sea

A Cat Taking a Railroad Ride

A Church Turned into a Railroad

True Virtue

A Mathematician's Idea of Honor

Benefits of Walking

Telegraphic Gambling

Ivy on Buildings

New Crops

New Surveying Instrument


Nobles in a Quandrum

Old Chemical Theories Revived

Patent Office Business

Relief of Asthma

Death of Chateaubriand

Remedies Against Moths

Successful Treatment of Cholera in Circassia

To Prevent Madness in Dogs

A Large Steamboat

Taking a Likeness

Spots on the Sun

Electric Light

Electricity and Color

A Voluntary Tax

Chinese Delicacies

Influence of Nature

Novel Method of Constructing Locomotive Engines

Power of Machinery

Atmospheric Churns

Unbranning Machine

Engine for Cutting the Teeth of Wheels

Another Grate Furnace

Horse Rakes

Artificial Marble

Lighting Street Lamps by Electricity

List of Patents

Locomotive for Inclined Planes

Lung Protector

Morse and Pratt's Railway Brake

New Diving Bell

New Grates for Stoves

Value of the Mechanical Classes

The Crops

Unprecedented Demand for Old Papers

Extraction of Metals From their Ores by Electricity

Copying and Writing Telegraph

Deviation of Bodies Falling from the Perpendicular

A Huge Animal

A Newspaper

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

The Emperor of Russia's Family

Leisure Hours for Working Men

Roads of the Ancient Peruvians

Western Literary Emporium

Union Magazine

The Literary American

Patent Agency

&Aelig;rial Speculation

Vertical and Horizontal Revolving Motion

Destruction of Mice

Soft Ginger-Bread to Eat with Corn Beer

To Clean Oil Paint

Preserving Dried Fruits

Practical Receipts

Curious Mode of Making Butter

Corn Beer

A Beautiful Art

White Blackberries

The Scientific American

Improved Method of Making Charcoal

Circular and Traverse Motion

Hemlock Hedges

Cheap Paint

Simple Syrups


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July 29, 1848

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