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Louisville and Frankfort Railroad

The Wife to Her Husband

Telegraph in the West and Southwest

Worcester and Nashua R. Road

Alfred Marsh's Improved Gas Meter

St. Andrews and Quebec Railroad

Something New for Nurses

Hide Not the Deed

Evil Company

Singular Explosion

Nine Bars of Gold

Fair of the Maryland Institute

New York Western R. Road

Fair of the American Institute

New Potatoe

New Application of Chloroform

Manufacturers Moving

Superstition Against Improvements


Neutral Papers

The Dead Sea Expedition

A Quaker Woman's Sermon

The Importance of One Gas

Nova Scotia Mines

Evaporation and Condensation

Visit to Lord Rosse's Telescope

A Singular Plant

E. Burt's Plaid Loom


New Material for Cloth

Brick Kilns

Bone Pens

Bending Sheet Metal

Paper Folding Machine

New Marble

Cog Wheels of Unlimited Power and Velocity

Shingle Shaving Machine

Rolling Machinery

Atmospheric Churns

Fire Annihilator

More Telegraphs

New Paddle-Wheel

Preserving Wood

Machinery for the City of Mexico


Inventor of the Last Machine

Bentham's Planing Machines

New Iron Manufactory

Practical Value of Science

Unprecedented Demand for Old Papers


Petrifaction Ponds

Copying by Casting

Danger of a Cent


Ancient Miners of America

The Influence of Rhythm

Patent Agency

Encyclopedia of Chemistry

Ranlett's Architect

Visible and Invisible

Drawing Rule

Houses of Unburnt Bricks

Grandjcan's Screw-Cutter

Hints for Planists

Brushes Made of Quills

The Scientific American

The Germs of Peas and Beans

Chinese Flue Paint Brushes

Practical Receipts

Observations on Yeast

Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid Without Lead Chambers

To Make a Looking-Glass Appear Broken

Spirit of Lavender

Photographic Paper

New Method of Making Chloride of Lime


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