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Railroad Tunnel

London and South-Western Railway

Pedemotive Carriage

Hudson River Railroad

The Artizan

Cast Iron Saddles

The Locomotive in Italy

The Niagara Bridge

Important Telegraphic Improvement

Interesting Relic of Antiquity

Lighting of Streets

Mechanical Magnetism

Fattening Horses

Food & Slavery, Freedom and Starvation

Substitute for the Crank

Freaks of Electricity

The Asparagus of the Cossacks

Harvesting Machines

An Ancient Eagle

A Yankee Feat

A Clean City

Swarm of Bees in a Chimney

Deprival of a Princess of her Distinction

Bramah's Planing Machinery


New Method of Inlaying and Coating Metals with Various Substances

Facts About Digestion


The Beet

The Carrot

Paper Hangings Prepared by Means of Nitrate of Silver and Other Salts

Wheat and Bran

New Diamond

Mode of Preparing Tannate of Iron

Tannate of Iron in the Treatmeat of Chlorosis

Hot Air Furnace

List of Patents

Sawing Irregular Shapes

Smoke Consumers

Book Backing Machine


Substitute for Oil in Woolen Manufactures

New Last Machine

New Marine Ventillator

New Boot Heel


Magnet Ore Separator

Improved Bellows

Valuable Book for Sale

Improving the Condition of the Laborer

Securing Patents

Unprecedented Demand for Old Papers

Electricity and Hydropathy

Vegetable Ivory

An English Patent

Nitre in City Wells

Wooden Pavements

Letters for Europe

Fineness of Wool



Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

National Happiness

The Silk Weavers of Lyons

Barry's Tricopherous

Spoke Machines

The Drill

Vibratory and Rectilinear Motion

Photographic Paper

Practical Receipts

Gutta Percha


To Dye Silk a Gold Color

The Tooth Key of Dr. Blume

The Scientific American


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August 12, 1848