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Hydraulic Engine

Lane's Last Machine


Lowell and Lawrence Railroad


The Leather Wood

Boston and Montreal Railroad

The Crops

Devonshire Butter

Grain Planters

Two New Minerals

Horse Power

Law's Stave Dresser and Jointer

New Steam Pump

Phenomenon of Insects

Winchester, Va. Iron Works

Branch Mint at New Orleans

Cool Proceedings of the Oriental Ladies

The Spider's Thread

To Destroy Flies

The Flemish Mode of Curing Hams

The Boomering

Gutta Percha Thread


Bramah's Planing Machinery

The Benefits of Machinery for All Classes

A New Invention

Tremper's Rotary Engine

Improvement in Nail Manufacture

Marine Invention

New Locomotive for Ascending Steep Grades

New Machine for Straightening Card Wire



The Buck-Eye Corn Sheller

Information Respecting Reaction Water Wheels

Mechanical Drawings

New Volcano

Unprecedented Demand for Old Papers

A New Depository of Columbite

Wooden Railroads

Scientific Economy and Political Economy

Angora Wool

A New Operation for Deafness

Wine Making in Portugal

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

The Salt Lake of the Rocky Mountains


A New Tile Machine

Illuminated Pictorial Directory

Principles of Zoology

To Detect Copper in Pickles and Green Tea

Circular from Rectilinear Motion

The Scientific American

The Great Burman Bell

Rule to Calculate the Horse Power of an Engine

To Distinguish Oxalic Acid From Epsom Salt

To Discover if Bread is Adulterated With Alum

Preserving Pencil Drawings

Practical Receipts

Modification of the Windlass

Method of Removing the Stains of Nitrate of Silver or Indelible Ink

Manufacture of Quills for Writing

How to Shoe a Vicious Horse

Tracing Paper

Copying Paper


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August 19, 1848

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