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The Weary at Rest

Disagreement at Niagara Falls Bridge

New London, Willimantic and Springfield Railroad

Ohio Railroads

Shameful Railroad System

Attacked by Wild Bees

The Pork Trade of the West

The Harp's Wild Notes

Home and Friends

The Largest Building in America

Columbus and Cleveland Rail Road

Waste Steam Usefully Applied

Electrified Cotton

Animal Magnetism a Science

Ole Bull Turned Fiddle Maker

Iron Ore

Drinking in London

Den of Darkness

Springfield Mechanics

American Pills

A Runaway Peer

Oil and Cotton

A Propelling Gas

Late News from Europe

The Benefit of an Open Mouth

A Little Hero

Great Conflagration in Albany

The Commissioner of Patents

Vancouver's Island

Improved Method of Constructing Gas Burners

Expanding the Chest

Broad and Narrow Guage

Lapis Lazuli

Coking Diamonds

Indian Corn

Truth and Sincerity

Curiosities of Astronomy

Silver in California

Bramah's Planing Machinery

How Spiders Make Bridges

The Cabbage

A Word About Lightning Rods

New Railroad Gate

Hill's Patent Balance Valve


A Small Model

Improvement in Pans for Making Sugar


Machine for Cutting Files

Invalid's Bed

Improvement in Printing Yarns

Engine and Locomotive Boiler

Novel Musical Instrument

Improvement in Fan Blasts

Hot Air Furnaces


Our List of Patents

New Spark Arrester

Window Blinds

Enamels for Iron

Unprecedented Demand for Old Papers

Inventors and Manufacturers


The Diving Bell

Plate Glass

Wrought Iron Nails by Machinery

Velocity of Electricity

Spoke Machines

Arkansas Lands

To Calculate the Power Required to Raise Water

Poisons and Their Antidotes

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

Light Houses

Another Rotary Engine

Omnibusses in New York

Premium Tract

To Keep a House Cool All Day

The Scientific American

Incombustible Wash

Dressing Movements

Powder, for Rendering Iron Malleable, and Cleaning it from Sulphur, Phosphorus, and Arsenic

Alternate Rectilinear Motion

A Glaze for Earthenware


Wool Mattress

Pen Holder for Weak Hands

Rules for the Recovery of the Apparent Drowned


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August 26, 1848

Confronting Common Wisdom