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Paterson and Ramapo, N. J. Railroad

Hartford and Springfield Railroad

Auburn and Syracuse Railroad

Anthony's Patent Horse Power

Southern Turpentine

The Pennsylvania Central Rail Road

Jeffersonville and Columbus Railroad

The Lilly of the Valley

Schuylkill Coal Trade

Worcester and Nashua Railroad

A Play Upon Words

An Odd Calculation

A Heavy Party

Dreadful Explosion

The Prairie Car

A Great Territory

Three Faults of Nurses

Yankees Abroad

Lucky Escape

A Singular Case

A Great Comet Expected

Price of Gas


The Cotton Crop in Alabama

A Good Charge

Population of Canada

Natural Phenomenon

A New England Manufacturing Village


Didn't Like His Looks

Man and Machinery

The Old chain Mill usefully Applied

A Great Little Town

Bramah's Planing Machinery

Tinned Lead Pipes

Origin of Animalcules

New Shells of War

Patent Air Seat Saddle

New Muskets

Machine for Ruling Paper

Paints with an Enamel Surface

New Corn Cracking Machine

Expense Saved

Clock Fan

List of Patents

Improved Railroad Switch

Balance Water Cock

Wing's Hot Air Furnaces

Bain's Writing Telegraph

Anthony's Patent Threshing Machine

Unprecedented Demand for Old Papers

Balloon Warfare

New Atmospheric Railway

Be Intelligent

Worcester Mechanics' Fair

New York Revenue

Letters for Europe

Regular Education

The Pitcher Plant

The Effect of Poverty on the Mind

Earthquakes and Terrestrial Changes

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

Metallurgic Industry of Bohemia

Carbonic Acid

Sugar in the Sandwich Islands

Two Horse Steam Engine

Diabolical Act

Railroad and Steamboat Guide

To Our Subscribers

Hudson River Guide

Reciprocating and Circular Motion

Facts in Building

The Best Way to Use Gun Cotton

Smelting Copper Ore by Electricity

Curious Clocks

The Scientific American

Electric Sparks

Blackberries vs. Mutton

Circular and Vibratory Motion

Whiskey a Cure for Poison


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    The Carrot

  • Incrustations on Steam Boilers

  • Reviews and Recommendations

    Another Spoke Machine

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