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Singular Death

New Rail Road Bridge

Railroad Between Watertown and Rome

Machine for Turning Irregular Forms

Chide Mildly the Erring

The Humble Happy Man

The Comet

Rail Road News

Improvement in Railroad Speed

Principle of Railroad Damages

Lost Time

Hints to Young Farmers

Numbers and Philosophy

The St. Louis Post and the Mystic Family

A Deserted Palace

High Life Amusement

Destructive Crickets

The Power Loom


A Word With Our Contemporaries

Will Gas Explode

Massachusetts the Starting Point

Fancy Telegraph Posts

Death of Mrs. Wilkes

New African Republic

Turf Pressing Machine


Moving Buildings

Ohio Iron

Washington National Monument

A Great Piece of Art

The Fakeers of India

Taking a Shower Bath


New York Salt Works

The Poor of England

The Best Way to Make Butter


Energy and Mind

Preserving Newspapers

Make Your Beds Young Ladies

Domestic Architecture

American Indian Corn

New Method of Engraving

Peck's Improved Door Spring

Harness Relief Spring

New Corn Sheller

Machine for Reducing Wagon Tyres

Engine Attached to the Boiler

Particular Notice

Book Backing Machine

Manger's Water Wheel

List of Patents

Cotton Factories of Pennsylvania

Unprecedented Demand for Old Papers

The Empire State

Disease and Electricity

Twelve Horse Engine and Boiler

The Commissioner of Patents

Patents Granted

Water as a Lubricator Instead of 0il

How Shall I Bring Out My Invention?

British Cotton Factories

The Franklin Institute Philadelphia

Steam Navigation of the Pacific

Patent Fish Hooks

Hunting the Hipopotamus

Changes in the Relative Level of Sea and Land

The Gullibility of Mankind

Arts, Manufactures and Machinery

The West and Rural Villages

Show Them to Your Friends

The Best Patent Agency in the United States


Tomato Ketchup

Poison of Silver and its Antidote

Taking Wrinkles Out of Papers

Mechanical Movements

Friction Wheels

Iron Bedsteads

To Extract Lamp Oil from a Dress

Inducements for Clubbing

Near Sightedness

Manufacture of Saltpetre

Cranberries a Cure for Cancer

New Prospectus of the Scientific American


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