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Norwich and Worcester Railroad

My Mother's Smile

Current of Niagara

Tribute of Respect

A Christian Life

Preservation of Butter

Barker's Tortuous Paddle Wheel

The Poor Voter

The Broad and Narrow Gauge of Rail Roads

Iron Dross Flags

Chinese Method of Making Sheet Lead

A Funny Railroad Accident

Death of Berzellus

A Mexican Churn

New Project for Reporting

Mrs. Fry's Rules

A Characteristic Present

The Hot Springs of Arkansas

Flowers and the Law of Gravity

Soda Manufacture

Pictorial National Library

International Postage

Drinking in the Dark

Coal and Gold

Shock of an Earthquake

Perpetual Roses

Destructive Fires

Introduction to a Philosopher

Printing in America

Harding the Painter

Congreve Rockets

The Drunkard and Snake

Test for the Parity of Wine

American Arts and English Generosity

Screw Wrenches

Inventor's Claims

Valves of Water Rams

Improved Strainer for Pails

A Floating Tunnel

Remember This

Improved Parasols

A Good Disinfectant

New Method of Silvering Glass

Bee Hives

New Knitting Machine

List of Patents


New Kind of Fence

New Coffee Pot

Unprecedented Demand for Old Papers

Massachusetts Carpets

The End of the Volume

The Crank

Kyanized Ships

Are You Trying?

The Mississippi Valley

Aboriginal Industry

American Steamers



  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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September 16, 1848

Confronting Common Wisdom