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Ely's Railway Station Index

What is Life

Railways in England

Waiting and Watching

The Ogdensburg Railroad

The Ogdensburg Railroad

Vermont Central Rail Road

Georgia Rail Road

Another Diving Bell

A Great Rope


Optical Illusions

Chinese Barber

Secrets of Ventilation

Hydrophobia--Important Theory

The Ring of Saturn

Salt Water and Fresh

New Locomotive Boiler for Using Anthracite Coal

Irish Trade Since the Union

Turnip Meal

Another Gold Mine

Quince Marmalade

Gold, Gold

Copperas a Disinfectant

Chalk in the United States

Wire Fence

Small Critics

Preserving Fruit

On the Proportion of Nutriment to the Means of Living

Sympathetic Inks

The Dead Sea Expedition

Animal-Shaped Mounds of Wisconsin

Perpetual Motion

Inventor's Claims

Straw Cutters

An Air Navigator

Regulating Motion

Improved Lifting and Force Pump

Who Shall I Get to Take Out My Patent ?

A New Instrument

That Engine

List of Patent Claims

Prevention of Steam Boiler Explosions

Water Wheels

The Great Britain

Ditching Machine

Progress and the Press

Opposition to Improvements

Fair of the Franklin Institute

Spurgin's Palace Bee Hive

Cause of Waves


Boston Water and Lead Pipes

Theory of Vision

Starch a Cure for Scurvey

Investigation of Science

Cliff Copper Mine

Mechanical Principia

Sending Receipts

Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

Life and Writings of Hogarth

The Best Mechanical Paper


Test for the Purity of Magnesia

History of the Rotary Engine

New Chemical Law

Analyses of Milk


  • From the Editor

    To Inventors

  • To Correspondents

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