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The Snow Drop the Poor Man's Window

Rail Road News

N. Y. and Erie Railroad

Accidents by Railroad

Reduction of Fares

Reprehensible Conduct

The Fate of a Canal

The Telegraph

New Propeller

Theft on an Ancient Manuscript

Potatoe Cheese

A Metropolis of Monkies

A New Suspension Bridge

Drunkenness Among the Hindoos

A Noble Act Handsomely Acknowledged

Hints to Gas Consumers

An Interesting Relic

Bogardus Flour Mill

The Census of France

Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts

Morse's Air Distributor, for Burning Sawdust. Tan, Fine Coal Dust, and Refuse Fuel


Cholera Liquid

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Incrustations in Steam Boilers


Microscopic Discoveries

Double Headed and Pointed Finishing Brad

An Old Revolver

Improvements in Wrought Iron

List of Patents

Chloroform a Substitute for Steam

New War Engine

Novel Mode of Propelling Steamboats

Coke Versus Dlamond.--An Important Discovery

Dodge's Balance Pump

Please Send Me the First Half of Vol. 3

What Our Contemporaries Think of Us

Reduction in the Price of Gas

Scientific Associations

Sculpture and Monuments

The Best Form for Strength

Important Patent Cases.--Morse vs. O'Reilly

Infringement of a Patent for a Machine to Saw Irregular Shapes

The Miners of Pennsylvania

The Scientific American

Oat Meal

The Wild Man

A Great Mechanic Gone


Cause of Dark Color of the Skin

Origin of the Electric Telegraph

On Patent Laws.--Selling Before the Issue of a Patent

New Chemical Law

Artificial Eyes for Horses

The Best Mechanical Paper

In the World Fourth Year of the Scientific American

History of the Rotary Engine

Prepared expressly for the Scientific American

An Excellent Plan for Preparing Glue

Priming for Percussion Guns

To Weld Iron, Steel and Sheet Iron


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    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Foreign Correspondence

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    Holden's Dollar Magazine

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September 30, 1848

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