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Good Speed

A New Mine to Philadelphia

Rail Road News

Machine for Pressing Horn

Freak of Lightning

Throwing Stones at Cars

Sprout's Improved Carriage Spring

New England

Hudson River Railroad

Remedy for Toothache

Natural Musical Telegraph

The Senate and the Heads of the Senate

Substitute for Stays

An Iron Mountain

An Ingenious Defendant

The Fair of the American Institute

A Geologist Robbed

The Double-Headed and Pointed Finishing Brad


Copper in Massachusetts

To Cure the Hiccup

Those Knox Hats

Degrees of Books


Yankee Improvement's in the British Colonies

Death Not a Painful Process

Feet of the Chinese Women

American Scientific Association

The Clock Makers

Incrustations on Steam Boilers

The Atmospheric Churn

Improved Taper Chuck

Cooking and Eating in Water

Improved Piano

Gold Mine Machinery

Brahma's Hydraulic Press

A New Compound for Explosions

The Oil Saver

A New Barometer

List of Patents

Cotton Sail Cloth

Inventor's Claims

Straightening Railroad Iron

The Way We Talk to Them at the West

Sturgeon and Isinglass

Culture of Tea in the United States

Steam Navigation of the Atlantic


Patent Laws--Selling Before the Issue of a Patent

A Southern Manufacturing Village

Canadian Method of Hunting Wild Bees

Ranlett's Architect

Cure for the Dysentery and Summer Complaint

To Ascertain the Weight or Lead

The Best Mechanical Paper

Measuring Distance by Sound

To Ascertain the Weight of ordinary Brass Castings

To Ascertain the Weight of Copper

New Chemical Law

History of the Rotary Engine


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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