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Girl of the Blue Eye Bright and Beaming

The Harrisburg and Lancaster Railroad Company, Pa

The Arctic Expedition

Lights of Genius

The Future

Steam Carriages for Common Roads

Rail Road News

The Pennsylvania Railroad

Importance of Punctuality

An Ancient Press

Wholesale Poisoning

Sturgeon Flesh in Europe

Religious Manufacturing Association

Hours of Labor

The Fair of the American Institute

Singular Phenomenon

Quadrature of the Circle


Gypsnm Mounds in Western New York

Tortoise Shell

American Scientific Association

No. 3

Gunpowder and Greek Fire

On Some Properties of Alumina

Improvement in Pumps

New Process to Color Stone and to Make it Hard and Impermeable

List of Patents

Yankee Music in London

New Piano Attachment


Gunshot Wounds

Bung Cutting Machine

New Boring Machine

Iron Ore

Horse Power

Mill Stones

The Weather Strip

The Mechanic Arts

The Camera Lucida

Progress in Useful Art

New Telegraphic Line

Value of Manufactures to a Country

Florida Reef and Everglades

The Telegraphic System

Planing Machines

Disease from Intemperance


The Cholera

Ignorance and Crime

Fossil Footprints

Patent Laws.--Selling Before the Issue of a Patent

Turning or Irregular Forms

Pictorial National Society

U.S. Mail Steamships

The Union for October

Palmer's Business Men's Almanac

Agency Revoked

History of the Rotary Engine

Prepared expressly for the Scientific American


The Best Mechanical Paper

In the World Fourth Year of the Scientific American

Cure for Toothache

Attraction of Gravitation

A Metal That Expands Most in Cooling

How to Plant Chesnuts

Attraction of Cohesion

New Chemical Law

Iron Pipe Compared with Wood

To Remove Rust from Polished Steel

The Solubility of the Oxides of lron, Copper, and Cobalt, in Caustic Potash


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    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Foreign Correspondence

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