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There is Good in the World

Railway Accidents


Riches and Poverty

Patch's Propeller

Hints to Wives

Baltimore and Ohio Railways

Preventive Railway Collisions

New York and Boston Railroad


New Use for Caster Oil

Opposition of Improvements

Vancouver's Island and the Hudson's Bay Company

M. Leverrier's Planet

The Fair of the American Institute

No. 2 Gold Pens

The Artesian Well at New Haven

Formation of Hail

The Electric Telegraph

Honesty and Restitution in a Cod Fish


The Benefit of the Swallow

The Lakes

How Far the Provision of Food is Due to the Labor of Man

Improvement in Railroad Switches

Improved Locomotives

Planing Rived Staves

List of Patents

Thermometer and Gravitating Clock

Suspension in the Coal Trade

Associations of Capital and Labor

The Great Fair

Changes Produced by Railroads

The Scientific American

Female Medical Instruction


Liberia Coffee

Patent Laws.--Selling Before the Issue of a Patent

Turning of Irregular Forms

Adulteration of Bread

Influence of Sounds on the Elephant and Lion


Something for All

Singular Insanity in Paris

Increase of American Exports

Lead Pipes and Water

Reply to J. K. Eldridge

Patent Office Business

The Best Mechanical Paper

New Chemical Law

Mock Cream

To Stew Pumpkins

Fire Cements

How to Make Leeches Bite

History of the Rotary Engine


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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