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Great Speed of a Locomotive

Erie Rail Road to this City

What is Woman


Syracuse and Oswego Railroad

New Machine for Making Weaver's Heddles

Costly Railroad Bridge

Locomotive Speed

Tanner's Sumach


Basements Unhealthy, Why

The Fair of the American Institute

New South Wales

Something Startling

New Invention

Cause of an Explosion

Prussic Acid


An Enormous Gas Meter

Farmers' Wives in Olden Times

Planing Machines

How to Make the Hair Wavy

Spent Tan-Bark May be Employed as a Manure

Piano Forte Tuners

The Electric Telegraph

Treatment of Cholera

New Wheel Pump

Pen Holders

Improved Turn Tables

List of Patents

Prevention of Explosions in Steam Engines

Words of Wondrous Length and Thundering Sound

California Gold

Evening Free Schools

Emigration and Trade Societies

Mammoth Pump

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

Honor to Mechanical Ingenuity

Vogel and Thomas's Harness

The Scientific American

Of the Comparative Duty of Long and Short Stroke Engines

Incrustations in Steam Boilers

Bleaching Straw

Importance of the Insignificant

Wine in Australia

International Postage

Improvement in Railroad Cars

Picket Machine

The Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Case

To Obtain Fresh Blown Flowers in Winter Any Day One Chooses

Preserving Eggs

New Chemical Law

Artifical Mahogany

Evaporation of the Watery Particles in Butter

The Best Mechanical Paper

New Cloak

History of the Rotary Engine

Prepared Expressly of the Scientific American


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