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Barber's Patent Metallic Grist Mill

Great Railroad Depot

Might Makes Right

Rail Road News

The Rest for the Weary

Beech Trees and Lightning

Western Travel--Fare Reduced

An Engineer Arraigned for Carelessness

American Slate

Female Operatives


Improvement in Making Coke

Maryland Ten Hour Association

The Introduction of Plenty of Water into Boston

The Fair of the American Institute

No. 4

lce, a Conductor or Galvanism

The Strange Case in Surgery

Varieties of Milk


How to Acquire Cheerfulness of Mind

Scientific Prophecy

The Electric Telegraph

The Results of Skill and Industry

A New Steering Apparatus

Ice Machine

List of Patents

Kyanized Cordage

New System of Producing Engravings

New Tile

Rotary Mould Board Plough

Screw Thread Machine

Self Priming Fire Lock

The Scientific American

Bung Machine

Distances Between This Country and England

Chemical Character of Steel

For Inventors to Read

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

Newspapers by the European Steamers

Patent Case.--Purifying Tallow

Reverencing the Sabbath

Telegraph Injunction

The Dignity of Labor

Bennet's Great Pump Again

To Gild Silk or Ivory by the Action of Hydrogen Gas

Our Mechanics

To Prevent Metal from Oxidizing

The Bite of Serpents

The Best Mechanical Paper

New Flooring Composition

New Chemical Law

History of the Rotary Engine

Prepared expressly for the Scientific American

Fire Escapes

Chinese Carving


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November 04, 1848