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Low Fares Increase Travel and increase Profits

Reduction of Wages at Lowell

New Rail Road Depot in Our City

Improved Axles for Turning Narrow Curves

The Heart is a Treasure!

Pictures of Memory

Law and Art

Hudson River Railroad

Baltimore and Harrisburg Railroad

New York and New Haven Rail Road

The Presidential Election

Manufacture of Cotton in the Southwest

Cheap Postage in France

Portable Saw Mill

New Lubricating Oil

The Fair of the American Institute

The British West India Mail Line

Patent Infringement.--Brick Machine

Low Wages and Short Time

Lard Lamps

Death of Thaddeus B. Wakeman

The Best Dog Power


Baths in Russia

A New Cave Explored

The Electric Telegraph

Oxidation of the Diamond the Liquid in Way

Improvement in the Deflective Telegraph

List Of Patents

Improved Water Faucet

The Hydraulator

A New Telegraph

Railroad Cars

Hyde's Curved Spring Truck

Steam Hammer

Improvement in the Manufacture of Iron


Metallic Grummet

The Old Cunard Line of Steamers

American Steamers for Liverpool

Prizes at Fairs.--Scientific American

The Planet Neptune

Railroad in Broadway

Machinery for Mexico

16 Horse Power Engine and Boller

Barber's Grist Mill

Mile a Minute Locomotive

Crape Shawls

The Scientific American

Back Volumes of Scientific American

Dragon's Blood

Mines of Cinnabar in Upper California

Scientific Memoranda

Fire Apparatus

Engravings on Our Front Page

Machine for Mortising Hubs

Gold in Canada


New Chemical Law

The Best Mechanical Paper

History of the Rotary Engine

Art of Lackering


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • To Patent Correspondents

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