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Worcester and Nashua Railroad

The True Ornament

Brighter Days

Old Colony Railroad

Walking Beam Engine

New York and Erie Railroad

Railroad Extravagance

Tobacco Cutting Machine

Simple Affinity

Enormous Chain

Subterranean Lake Recovered

Rich Mine

Husk Beds

Cunard Steamers

American Lard

Speed of the Locomotive

Pictorial National Library

Boston Museum

Size of New York in 1698

Pictorial Directory of New York

A Distinction

Singular Break of the Ocean

Depression of Manufactures

Compliment to an American Artist

The Great Sea Serpent

“The Scientific American”

The Fair of the American Institute

India Rubber

An Odd Patent and an Old Inventor

Emery in Asia Minor

The Sufferings, Perseverance, and Triumph of Genius

Respect for Art

Electric Light Again

A Reform in Locomotive Fuel Wanted

Height of the Atmosphere

The Bosphorus

The African Rhinoceros

Screw Cutting

New Steamboat Paddles

Harness Saddles

New Crane at Baltimore

List of Patents

Daniel's Patent Planing Machine

To Prevent Railway Collisions

Sheet Lead

Printing Presses

Planing Machines

Isham's Patent Sand Paper

War Against Labor Saving Machinery

Iron Carriages

The Robbery at Washington--1500 Reward

Mechanical Books

Inventors and Fairs

The Law of Libel

Machinery for Sale

Counting Room Almanac

Progress of Science


Opium Drunkenness

Names in Nautical Architecture

Valuable Scientific and Mechanical Works

The Great Wall of China

The Business of Rochester

New Chemical Law

Leydoyen's Disinfecting Fluid

Changes in Solid Forms

Myriads of Animalcules

History of the Rotary Engine

Air Guns

Yellow Metal for Sheathing

Phosphorescence of the Sea

Golden Yellow

The Best Mechanical Paper


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • To Patent Correspondents

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