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River Sport


Dancing on a Chimney

Natural Gas

South Carolina Railroad

Nashville Tennessee Railroad

Beware of the Saw

The Crop Of Acorns

Chaffee's Cloth and Wool Drier

Mineral Railway Sleepers

Safety of Railroad Traveling

Anthracite Coal in Onondaga County

The Fair of the American Institute

Wire and Hemp Ropes--Their Comparative Strength

To Take Ink Out of Linen

Gas in Buffalo

Human Life Estimated by Pulsation

Coat of Arms

Important Decision for Odd Fellows in Britain

How to Cook Salt Cod

Extraordinary Case

Will Saltpeter Explode?

Artful Robbers

A New Trade

Wives of the Ancients

The Electric Telegraph

Artificial Mode of Increasing the Quantity of Cream

The Lower Classes


Artificial Flowers

Window Curtains

Improved Wagon Box

Fountain Marking Brush

Ship's Light

Moulding Glass

Facts to be Remembered

The Camera Lucida

New System of Steam Engines

List of Patents

The Scientific American

International Postage

The Principle of the Remington Bridge

The Culture of Silk

The Pocket Diary

Patent Cases

Securing Patents

Bread Made From Horse Chestnuts

New Mexican Wool

Valuable Scientific and Mechanical Works

Lighting of Factories

Typographical Blunders

Peruvian Bark

Curious Swearing

Planing Machines

The Tomb of the Prophet Jonah

Guide to Health and Long Life

New Chemical Law

History of the Rotary Engine

Prepared expressly for the Scientific American

Artificial Legs of India Rubber

The Best Mechanical Paper


  • From the Editor

    To Inventors

  • To Correspondents

  • To Patent Correspondents

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November 25, 1848

Confronting Common Wisdom