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To Railroad Proprietors

Compound Atmospheric Churn

A Misdirected Tunnel

Rome and Oswego Plank Road

A Good Arrangement

Spontaneous Combustion


Tripoli for Polishing

The Body Rendered Fire Proof

British Steamers at Mobile

The Fair of the American Institute

Premiums Awarded

Compressed Air Locomotion on Common Roads

The Late Transits of Mercury

Factories in the West

Sea Weed for Manure

Galvanic Sheeting for Ships

Gold Smelting

Singular Circumstance

The Bail Axietree

Ornament in Dress Sometimes Good

The Telegraph Controversy

The Burning Well

The Electric Telegraph

Curious Icelandic Plants

The Pulque of Mexico

Geological Changes--Past and Present

An Ancient Dahlia

Indian Arrow-Poison

New Stove

Ray's India Rubber Railroad Springs

Adams' Improved Guage Cock

Administering Ether

Alpaca Umbrella

Wheels for Spinning

Improved Rat Trap

Lead Pipe Machines

New Invention for Pegging Boots

Patenting Inventions

The Value of Steam Power

American Copper

Copper Mining

Experiments with Propellers

The Power of Water

A New Kind of Wheat

The Telegraph Case in Kentucky

Antiquarian Search

Inland Navigation

Patent Cases

The Power of Music

Printing and Literature in China

Improved Claim

Woodworth's Patent

Loss of the Victoria Balloon

The List of Patents

Robbery of the Mail

New Chemical Law

Lithographic Limestone

Vast Irrigation

Scientific American

Saltness of Sea Water

Fence for the Prairies

Disinfecting Property of Coffee

Diseases and Cures of Grape Vines

The Constant Presence of Metals in the Blood

Beautiful Action of the Sun

History of the Rotary Engine


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December 02, 1848

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