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Another Railroad Truck for Narrow Curves

Hudson River Railroad

Song of Lightning

New Meat Chopper

Ranlett's Architect

Websters Unabridged Dictionary

Axe Factory

Berford's World as it Moves

Worcester Mechanics Fair

Coolness in Danger

Ship Building in the United States

Singular Effects of Attraction


The Genesee Farmer

The Golden Land

The Cholera

To Make a Cheap Endless Chain Pump

On the Silk-Worm

When to Speak


The Mechanic Arts

The Raspberry

Munger's Yankee Turbine Wheel

Combined Wrench and Screw Driver

Rock Drilling Machine

Improved Iron Bedstead

Inventor's Claims

Instantaneous Alarm

Morris' Patent Combined Latch and Lock

Patent Telegraph

Astronomical Intelligence

Wonderful Announcement

Extensive Coast Survey

Infringement of a Patent for a Spark Arrester

Astronomical Telegraph Clock

Patent Cases

Woodworth's Planing Machine

The Scientific American

Anecdote of Franklin

Valuable Scientific and Mechanical Works

Woodworth's Planing Machine

Coal Pit Explosion

Expenses of Government

Romantic But True

The Benefits of Machine Labor

The Bank of England

Presence or Copper in the Bodies of Animals

Particular Varnishes

New Chemical Law

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World!

Fourth Year of the Scientific American!

History of the Rotary Engine

Prepared expressly for the Scientific American

Great Telegraph Feat

Cure for Dropsy


  • From the Editor

    To Patent Correspondents

  • To Correspondents

  • Reviews and Recommendations

    Holden's Dollar Magazine

  • The Water Cure Journal and Herald of Reforms

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December 16, 1848