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Faith's Guiding Star

The Treasure Seeker

Singular Affair

Canal to the Pacific

Vedder's Hydraulator

Curiosities From the Holy Land

Cannel Coal

Railroads in Ohio

Railroad to the Pacific

Cotton Consumption in the United States

Coast Survey

Rail Road News

Origin of “True Blue”

The Cholera

Pictorial National Library

Mrs. Gore's New Novel, Castles in the Air

The Student of Salamanca

Scientific American


Angelina Luxmore or the Life of a Beauty

San Francisco

Good Recomdation

The Golden Land

A New Way to Cut a Channel

Great Vintage in France

Godey's Lady's Book

The Gold Mines of California

Smithsonian Institute

The City of Bombay East Indies

Real Wealth vs Money

Hindoo Cavern Temple

Cultivation of Indigo

Artists of the Ideal and the Real or, Poets and Inventors--Revival of an Old Mode of Carving

Female Inquisitiveness Served Out

The Electric Light

Reaping Machines

Improved Road Scraper

The Spike Puller

Patent Safety Bridle

Improvements on Windmills

Archimidean Water Wheel

Improvement in Wool Spinning

Flying Machine

Poets and Inventors

American Iron

Woodworth's Planing Machine

Coal in Massachusetts

Perpetual Motion

Patent Case

Valuable Scientific and Mechanical Works

First Discovery of the California Gold Mine

Last Moments of Two Great Men of Science

Indian Bread

Slave Labor in Factories

New Chemical Law

Treatment of the Cholera in Russia

The Best Mechanical Paper

To Measure the Force of Pressure

Spear Practice of the Hawailans

History of the Rotary Engine

The Ice Trade


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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