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The Michigan Central Railroad

Railroad News

Massachusetts Enterprise

Windings of the Ohio

Three Weeks After Marriage

Terrible Accident

Is the Bee the Pioneer of Civilization

Improved Ship's Capstan and Windlas

There's Room Enough for All

Southern Railroad

Curious Disease

A Lost Miner

Wear of Rails

The Laws of Life Health and Happiness

An American Palace for Sale

A Horse at Sea

Rapidity of Growth

Plaster of Paris in Cherokee

Comparative Embryology

A New Rig for Ships and Other Vessels

Paupers of Great Britain

Discovery of a Marble Quarry

Bourne's Catechism of the Steam Engine

Paper Windows

Magnetic Clocks

Lucky Escape

Telegraph Round the Globe

Prevention of Smoky Chimneys

How to Treat Curiosity

The Mineralogist--The Description and Locality of Every Important Mineral in the United States

Keeping Apples

Water Drinking in Childhood


Modern Workmen's Dwellings

How to be a Man

Daugurreotype, Gold Watches &c

Improvement in the Manufacture of India Rubber Cloth

Improved Tall Block for Saw Mills

Electro Magnetic Engine

Improvement in Spindles

Improved Molasses Faucet

Robinson's Ship Ventilator

List of Patents

Improved Churn

Direct Motion from a Vibrating One

Rocks in the Atlantic


Meteorological Statistics

Hot Blast for Furnaces

Back Volumes of the Scientific American

Results of Machinery

Another Hotel for California

Inventors and Pirates

The Scientific American

Minute Animals

Labor and Thought

Transatlantic Astronomy

The Snow Flea

Youthful Bravery

A Hiding Place From the Storm


Recipe for a Gent

Limits of the Human Mind

Barry's Tricopherous

New Whaling Instrument

War of Orthography

Vapor Bath

Sulphuric Acid for Rennet

Receipt for Washing

Poisonous Metals.--Lead

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World

Fourth Year of the Scientific American

History of the Rotary Engine

Queries for Scientific American

Fish and Vegetables

Pure Oil for Clocks, and Delicate Wheel Works

To Preserve Potatoes

Recipe for Making Good Bread


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