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Improved Railroad Car Coupling

Ohio, Mississippi, St. Louis and Lake Erie Railroads

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

James Knox Glenn's Dredging And Gold Washing Machine

Moral Powers

Mississippi River Railroad

Sabbath Stillness Round Me

The “United States”


Portsmouth N. H. Steam Factory

Another Boiler Explosion

Remarkable Case of Recovery from Insanity

Early Tomatoes

Fire at Oswego

Growth of London

Improvement at South Hadley Falls

Lectures on the Philosophy of Mesmerism

A Great Machine Shop

New Mode of Fishing

An Artist's Loss

To Cure Stammering

The Late Locomotive Explosion

Increase of Gold and its Effect on Value

A Good Shot

Mammoth Mining Company

British Trade in Luxuries


Steam Vessels of the British Navy

American Linen

Congressional Library

The Copper and Gold Regions

Working in Brass

Apples for Food

Temper is Everything

Expansion of Steam

For the Scientific American

Improved Horse Power

The Felloe Machine

Detecting Gold by Weight

Improvement in Machinery for Making Ropes

Improvement on Thayer's Truss Bridge

New Cotton Gin Saw Filer

List of Patents

A Patent Case

New Propeller

California Inventions

Improved Dredging Steamboat

Improved Brad Awl

Electro Magnetism and Navigation

Pure Water in Albany

The Travelling Balloon

Back Volumes of the Scientific American

Steel and Gold Pens

American Whaling Ships

Things New and Old

The Scientific American

The Prize Essay

Blanchard Gun Stock Turning Factory Case

Steamboats.--Their Management

Casting Bells

The Orphan's Gratitude

Anecdote of Allston

Heat by Friction

Islands of Maine

Jewish Customs

Horse Taming

History of the Rotary Engine

Prepared expressly for the scientific American Wheel Rotary Steam Engine

Floating Iron

Dyeing Catchecu Colors on Cotton

Cure for the Bite of the Rattlesnake

Neutralization of Putrid Miasmata

Longevity of the Damask Rose


Snow Balls in Horses Feet

Another Pretended Cure for Hydrophobia

Poisonous Metals--Lead

For the Scientific American


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    To Correspondents

  • Reviews and Recommendations

    Ranlett's Architect

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March 03, 1849

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