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Great Northern Central Railroad


Singular Phenomena

Railroad Collision

Bridging the Ohio

Artesian Wells in Texas

A Race With a Locomotive

A Good Deed

New Machine For Making Ropes

New Fire Department

Properties of Charcoal

Certain Rights

How to Behave at the Court Dinner

Yea and Nay Machine


Fall of the White Water Canal Culvert and Aqueduct

United States and Scotland

The Miners Guide and Mettallurgist's Directory

The Inauguration and the Message

Bad andGood Luck at a Fire

A Roman Prophecy of Washington

American Antiquities

More of California Gold

A Great Telegraphic Enterprize

New Cotton

Large Icthyosaurus

How to Construct Plank Roads

Gold in Maryland

Expansion of Steam

Charcoal Roads

Population of the British Empire

Improvement in Striking Bells

Antifriction Roller Box

Electricity Developed, &C

The Topographer

Improvement in Lumber Wagons

Cholera Cures

Cast Iron Leg

New Perpetual Motion

Manufacture of Coke for Iron

New Reciprocating Paddles

Large and Small Papers

Electricity and Cholera

Colonization of Vancouver's Island

The Scientific American

The First Pacific Whaler

Back Volumes of the Scientific American

New Tooth Extractor

A Cold Winter

Music and Motion

Galileo.--His Life and Discoveries

Umbrellas in Rome

Electro Magnetism as a Motive Power


Subscribers Take Notice

Poisonous Metals.--Mercury

Ornamental Leather

Refining Gold and Silver by Quicksilver

Scientific American

To Make Cloth Water Proof

Treatment of Fruit Trees in Winter

Dry Gilding

History of the Rotary Engine

Hydrogen Gas

Cure for the Piles


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March 10, 1849