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Railroad Damages

The Last Leaf

Hudson River Railroad

There is Good in the World

Western Atlantic Railroad, Georgia

Emerson Goddard's Improved Grinding Mill

New Safety Mining Lantern

Rules for Travelling on Railroads

Railroad Quarrel

A Gigantic Corporation

Railroad Invention

Curious Discovery

The Potatoe

The Oldest Pastor in the United States



Improvement of the Organ

Indestructibility of Cork

Iron Rails in Use and Out of Use

Extraordinary Locomotive Speed

Sulphuric Acid

Cold All the World Over

Ship Blocks

Sliver Seven Cent Pieces

British Census

Robbery of the Government Jewels

Pulverized Potatoe

A Capital Summer Furnace

Patent Medicines

Panama Cotton

New Epidemic

National Convention of Inventors

Mercury in Hermetically Sealed Glass Vessels

Fulton and Napoleon

The Way Inventors Are Plundered

Air and the Lungs

Magnetic Cures

New Flax Spinning Machine

Improved Chimney

Improved Planing Machine

Improved Loom for Weaving Plain and Figured Work

Improvement of the Microscope

List of Patents

New Sewing Machine

More About Balloons

The Discoverer of Etherization

The Electric Light, &C

The Scientific American

Utica Mechanics Fair

Inventors and Inventions

Diplomatic Smuggling

Back Volumes of the Scientific American

Report of the Commissioner of Patents

Blanchard's Invention

Patent Case --Blanchard's Patent

The Cotton Gin

Gas for Illumination

How to Make a Horse Sure-Footed

Barren Soils

Printer's Proverb

Publishers' Notice

Universal History of the World

Bust of General Taylor

Lucifer Matches

New System of Oil-Painting

Recipe for White Swelling and Felons

Salt and Soot


Experiments With the Human Hair

To Preserve Grapes

To Make Cotton, or Linen Cloth Impenetrable to Water

Time for Cutting Timber

History of the Rotary Engine

Prepared expressly for the Scientific American

German Silver


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Reviews and Recommendations

    Hints to Dyspeptics

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March 17, 1849

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