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The World is Full of Beauty

Machine For Morticing Window Blinds

Harlem Railroad

Reading Railroad

English Miners in Spain

Straits of Magellan

Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad

Another Explosion

Damages for Fatal Accidents

The Star and the Child

The Right Spirit

Newspaper Postage

Narrow Escape

New Music

Great Load

Railroad Avalanche

Behold They Come

Eminent Shoemakers

A New Machine Wanted

Earthquakes in the Western Islands

Godey's Lady Book

Gold Seeker's Manual

American Bee Keeper's Manual

Who Wants a New Hat?

Homestead Exemption in Ohio

The National Convention of Inventors

Effect of Trifles

On Heat and Electric Light

Friction Matches

Health of Children

Ornaments in Brass

A Curious Case

Sickly Plum Trees

Chinese Hemp


Sinfulness of Inoculation

Precise Enough

Cowper's Home

List of Patents

Improvement in Steam Engines

New Invention for Sewerage


Printing Improvement

Percussion Caps

To Prevent Accidents by the Breaking of Axles

To Remove Stumps

Improvements on Fire Engines

To Preserve Natural History Specimens

Great Telegraph Patent Case--Morse vs. Bain

Bed Bugs

Blanchard's Turning Machine Case

Remedy for Asthma

Palpitation of the Heart

Our London Patrons

Plagiarism--Literary and Mechanical

Patents and Patent Laws

Power of Expansion in Ice

Back Volumes of the Scientific Americans

Curious Spring at St. Francisco

Analysis of Impure Air

Lowell Machine Shop

Enormous Cheese


Salt in Syracuse

Leavened Bread

History of the Rotary Engine

Universal Cement

Economical Hair Wash

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World!

Fourth Year of the Scientific American!

Brilliant Whitewash

Simple Remedy for Burns

Durability of Cedar

Diamond and Coke

Manufacture of Good Crucibles


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March 24, 1849

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