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Electro Magnetic Steel-Yard


The Farmer's Daughter

New York and Erie Railroad

Improved Augur

Railroad Travel From Albany West

Hurricane in Kentucky

Electro-Magnetic Clock

Lubricating Material for Boots

How to Extract Teeth

The Sea Serpent Seen Again

Explosion of a Great Gasometer

Railroad in Missouri

A Strange Animal

New Application of India Rubber

Vermont Sugar

The Epidemic in Worcester Co. Mass

Copper and Sliver in Michigan


Alabama Coal

Large Casting

The Gold Mines Russia

Tennessee Cotton Manufacture

Population of the United States

The Folding of Newspapers

Advice in Poultry Keeping

A Fly's Speed

Winter in Spitzbergen

American Oranges

A Classical Rebuke

Good Tools

The Honey Bee

The Charm of Cleanliness

The Photographometer

New Screw Wrench and Hammer

Improvement in Steam Engines

A New Gold Washer

New Grain Sower and Planter

Self-Acting Ferry Gate


New Door Weather Strip

Stebbins' Patent Faucet

Gun Cotton as a Locomotive Power

Saw Mill

Music on the Telegraph Wires

Power Loom Match

Back Volumes of the Scientific American

Public Notice

Wonderful Balloon Ascension and Explosion

Eminent Female Astronomer

Scientific Associations

Patent Flour Barrel Manufactory

Our London Patrons

Burning Glasses of the Ancients

Advice to Our Contemporaries

Manufacturing in Texas

Lake Superior Copper

Boiler Explosion,--Doctors Differ and So Do Engineers

Lyons in France

The Use of Quinine at the West

Platina Metal

List of Patents

Francis Bacon

Poisonons Acius--Oxalic Acid

Superior Red Ink

Repulsion--Steel and Water

History of the Rotary Engine

Curious Mode of Grafting the Grape Vine

Light and the Eye

To Stop Horses Suddenly

To Prevent a Bruise From Becoming Discolored

Fire Arms Differently Charged

Blue Writing Ink


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