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Song Birds

A Noble Sentiment

Cincinnati Railroad

A Musical Ear

Mutual Assistance

Syracuse and Rochester Railroad

Improvements in Portable Force Pumps and Fire Engines

The Great Bridge at Wheeling Va

Railroad Accidents

The Western Railroad

Moral Cosmetics

Low Pressure Condensing Engine Plates

Fay's American Pencils

Calvin's Church at Geneva


Great Explosion at Allegany, Pa

Bad News From the Peach Trees

The Mississippi and the Lakes United

Pennsylvania Coal Bushel

Artesian Wells in Wisconsin

Thunder and Snow

New Iron Company

Recent Storms

Coal and the Coal Operatives

Steamboats on the Upper Lakes

Another Balloon Ascention

A Good Month's Work

Quick Sailing

Chinese Fraud

Antediluvian Rhinoceros

Macaulay and His Orthography



Artesian Wells in London

Liebig When a Boy

Sheep Husbandry

The Cholera--Its Treatment and Cure

Tunneling a River

New Plan of Erial and Terra Firma Locomotion

Discover to Restore Decaying Ivory

New Invention in Baking

Machine for Turning Irregular Forms

Improved Mortising Machine

Steam Guage

Animal Electricity

New Copying Printing Press

Our London Patrons

Silver and Gold Mine


Back Volumes of the Scientific American

Railroads and Locomotives

Facts and Fallacies

Scientific Memoranda--Vocal Phenomenon

Scientific Bequest

Controversy on Electro Magnetic Clocks

Southern Products

American Inventions in England

Novels and Insanity

Statistics of Human Life

List of Patents

Cough Syrup

Area of the United States

Francis Bacon

Steam Engine for Sale

Our Prize Essay

History of the Rotary Engine

Restoration of Sight

To Separate Gold From Copper

A Good Salve

A Chain Pump

How to Dislodge a Fish Bone From the Throat

Chilblains or Frosted Feet


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