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Curiosities of Boiling Water

The True Aristocrats

A New Railroad in Indiana

The Poor Man's Doings

Southern Railroad Convention

Philadelphia and Princeton Railroad

Massachusetts Railroads

Improved Gold Washer

Remarkable Clock


A Hundred and Odd Years Ago

Pocket Tape Measure


New York City Elections

Delaware and Hudson Canal Company

The Iron Business

Asking the Leave to Gape

Decease of a Man of Science

Church in San Francisco

Oil of Rhodium For Rats

Maple Suger at the West

A Year's Immigration

Our Prize Essay Again

New Foundland

Manchester, New Hampshire

Washington Monument--A Promising Boy

Fulton's Steamboat

The Free School Act

Thrift of the Yankee

Indian Method of Twisting Gun Barrels

Patent Railway Axles--Interesting Case in Extending a Patent

New Fire Escape

Ingenuity in the Manufacture of Iron

Splendid Achromatic Lenses

New Fire Annihilator

Improved Tilting Wagon

The Electric Light

Improved Portable Air Heating Stove

Hovey's Straw Cutter


Balloon Navigation

Our London Patrons

Dr. Locke's Electro Chronograph and Mr. Bond's Magnetic Clock

California Houses

Back Volumes of the Scientific American

Planing Machines

More Coal on the Pacific Ocean

City Fountains

Advantages of the West for Manufacturing

Recovery of the Jewels Stolen from the Patent Office

Steamboat Explosions


Capacity of the West

List of Patents

A Great Man in His Line


On the Freezing of Alcohol

History of the Rotary Engine

Uses of the Black Currant

Useful Problems

To Whiten Linen

To Restore Stained Linen

To Restore Scorched Linen

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World!

Fourth Year of the Scientific American!

To Paste Lithographs on Muslin

Poisonous Acids--Hydrocyanic Acid


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