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Singular Petrifaction

Michigan Central Railroad

Spiral Planing Machine

Tennessee Cotton Manufacture

The Voice of the Pestilence

Raising the Steamer Missourl at Gibraltar

Hartford and Bristol Railroad

Help One Another

Internal Improvements in Virginia

E. G. Allen's and J. P. Woodbury's Planing Machines

New Species of Squirrels


Disastrous Conflagration


The Mulish Balloon

To Stop the Bleeding at the Nose

The Debt of England

Cook's American Condensing Steam Engine

Scientific Discoveries

Death of Captain Pennoyer

Percussion Cap Manufactory, Frankford Philadelphia County

Another Case

Patent Cases

A Phenomena in a Hurricane

Injury from Bleeding

Industrial Pursuits--Honor to the Toll Worn Hand

Office of the Fly Wheel


Degeneration of Our Race


The History of a Glutton

Improved Furnace Bars

Steam Engine Brake

Rice Field Irrigator

Rotary Electro Magnetic Engine

Travelling Organ

Improved Tuyere for Forges

New Stave Jointing Machine

New Railroad Brake

Interesting Discovery

Simple Stump Machine

Labor and Capital

Nail Making

Our London Patrons

Back Volumes of the Scientific American

Business at the Patent Office

Expansibility of Steam

Reduction of Tolls on the Canals

Good Years's Patent Vulcanized India Robber

Ice and Steam

List of Patents

Effect of Imprisonment

Explosions in Steam Boilers

Curious Imprisonment of a Bat

Depth of Coal Mines

Devil Sticker of South America

Transplanting Evergreens

Mineral Wealth of Alabama

Virgin Gold

Keene's Marble Cement

Marine Glue

A Cheap Blacking for Shoes


History of the Rotary Engine

Guide to the Temple of Fame

To Make Sea Water Fit for Washing Linens at Sea

The Best Mechanical Paper

Artificial Light

Poisonous Acids--Hydrocyanic Acid

Linear Perspective


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April 21, 1849

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