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For Mending Steam Boilers, & C

The Power of the Muscular System

Revolving Boot Crimping Machine

Interesting Geological Fact

The Life Clock


The Tides in the German Ocean

Railroad Sold

Live Them Down

Germantown Railroad

A Canal Boat Weathering a Gale

Pennsylvania Central Railroad Meeting

Mechanics Agency

Importation of Oil

Inventors Convention

Great Explosion

Barry's Tricopherous

Warning to Smokers

Smart Weed

Our Prize Essay

Naval Regulation

The Conneticut Copper Mines

New Planing Machine

Watch Gilding

Treasury of Moolton

Anecdote for Factors and Consignors

Literature Fund

Boiler Explosions

Cullodion for Wounds

Weaving Ribbons

Useful Problems

To the Proprietors of the “House” and “Bain” Systems of Telegraphing

New Mode of Joining Collars and Hoops

A Strange Carriage

New Method of Preserving Butter

Fireproof Wood

A New Sea Signal

Screw Water Wheel

Medical Discovery

Compensation Journal Box

A Good Invention

Preservation of Life from Shipwreck

New Mode of Washing

Improved Ice Cream Freezer

A Useful Invention for the Ladies

Rolling Mill at Utica

Patents, Inventions and Inventors

Our Patent Patrons

Manufacturing Profits at the South

Patent Stove Case

Our London Patrons

New Glass Works

Back Volumes of the Scientific American

The Great Smoke Case Decided


The Inventor of the Tubular Boiler

Emigration From the British Provinces

Mechanics Fair

Electricity and the Telegraph

List of Patents


Blanehard's Patent

Substitute for the Potatoe

Ornamental Tree

Rural Decorations

To Our Subscribers

Rotary Engine

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World!

Essay on the Patent Laws


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Snow in South Carolina

  • Theodolite and Circumferentor

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