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Wood and Coal in the East Indies

House's Telegraph New Line

Improved Bran Separator

Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad

Substitute of the Potatoe

Tubal Cain

A Locomotive Loose

Safety of Railway Travelling in Britain

Steam Boiler Explosions

Georgia Manufactures and Railroads

Great Patent Case--Blanchard Gun Stock Turning Factory vs. Brown, Eldridge and others

How to Make Cream Cheese


Quackery--Red Cloth a Cure for Small Pox

Spoke and Last Machine

Ten Hour Law

A New Manure

Black and White Mouse

Iron Cinder Roads


Newspaper Stamps in Great Britain

Our Patent Agency

Punishment of Laxity of Discipline

A Fortunate Discovery

Revenue of Canada

The Sahara and its Tribes

Blanehard's Patent

Blow Pipe and Steam Blast

Chloroform Applied to the Skin

Extract of Clover

New Coupling Joint

Nautical Telegraph

Skip Lightning Protector

A New Magnetic Discovery

American Inventions in England

Arnold's Patent Sash Lock

Improved Planing, Tongueing and Grooving Machine

Improvement in the Talbotype

Ingenious Key

Instrument to Assist the Blind in Writing

Invention for Accountants and Book Keepers

Invention for Cotton Manufactures

Musical Travelling Bridge

Patent India Rubber Oil

High and Low Pressure Engines

Improved Method of Preserving Organic and Other Substances

Our London Patrons

Progressive Science

Back Volumes of the Scientific American


Light Without Combustion

Charms of Rural Life

List of Patents

Poetry of Science

A New Aristocrat

The Age of the World

Antiquity of Gunpowder

Essay on the Patent Laws


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May 05, 1849

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