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Tennessee and Virginia Rail Road

Shaw and Gould's Improved Printing Machine

Blacksmith's Night

The Cayuga and Susquehanna Railroad

Rochester and Lockport Railroad

Go Ask My Mother

Death by Chloroform

Statistics of Forks and Spoons

Improvement in Plank Roads

Commissioner Patents

The Gold Dollar

Combined Boat and Waggon

Steamboat Competition

Shoe Pegs

A Mean Rich Man Fallen

Calico Printing Machines

The Chemical Telegraph

Great Riot and Loss of Life

Ancient Musical Instrument

A Georgia Locomotive

American Consuls' Fees

A Blazing World

Pennsylvania Iron Ore

Manufacture of Gold

Mahogany Stain

Kase's Patent Pump

Steam Engineers

The Speed of Electricity and the Way to Measure it

Solid Milk

A Petrified Oil Paint

The Fog Bell

Improvement in the Manufacture of Metallic Compounds

Improvement in Working the Valves of a Locomotive

Improvement in Steamboat Flues

American Cast Steel

Daniel's Planing Machine

To the Fire Department of New York

The New Commissioner of Patents

High Pressure and Low Pressure Engines

Patent Case--Iron Blast

Our London Patrons

Steam Boiler Explosions

Blanehard's Patent

A Royal Siamese Machinst

List of Patents

Nova Scotia Mines--Cast Steel by Simple Fusion Direct from the Ore

Hats, Hats

The American Mechanic

To Dress Satin

To Clean Silk

To Clean Kid Gloves

The Slippery Elm

Steam Engine Indicators

Useful Problems

The Scalpel

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World!

Elements of Chemistry and Electricity


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