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High and Low Classes

The Button

Narrow Escape of a Railroad Train

Abou Ben Adhem and the Angel

The April Shower

Railway Jobbing in England

Grass Cutting Machine

Course of Trade

Erie Canal Steam Navigation

Theory of the Hair

Drawings Done by the Sun

Pimples on the Face

A Great State

Hon Edmund Burke

Health of the West, &C

The South Pass--Alkaline Water-Rock Salt-New Gold Mine

The Pine-Tree Insect

The Cholera in Our City

Roman Archbishops

The Sea Serpent, Thrilling Adventure

Astronomical Clock

New Mode of Reefing Vessels

The Russian Fur Company

Railroad Sprinklers

Masters and Apprentices

A Yankee Egg Hatching Machine in France

Lecture on the Inventive Genius of America


A Turtle in a Queer Place


Isthmus of Panama

Physical Advantages of the Sabbath

Young Men

The Mississippi Overflows

The Mariner's Compass

Improved Self-Acting Jaw Temples for Power Looms

Screw Brick Machine

Improvement on Apparatus for Hoisting Brick and Other Loads on Buildings

New Nail Feeder

Improved Water Wheel

Patent Swindling

Discovery in Preserving Butter

Portable Tongueing and Grooving Machine

New Loom Picker

New Fountain Pen

New Churn Dasher, and Ice Cream Freezer

Machine to Measure a Ship's Velocity

Astronomical Expedition to Chill

Medical Errors--Seasonable Medicines

Mechanical Powers

Patent Suit

Portable Iron Houses

Our London Patrons

Fog Bell

Dwellings for the Working Classes

Cast Iron Houses

The Oldest Man in America

List of Patents

Explosions of Locomotives

Principle of Patents--Action of Patent Office

Sir John Franklin's Expedition

Effects of Poison

Carriage Axle Grease

Norwegian Water Telescope

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World

Fourth Year of the Scientific American!

History of the Rotary Engine

Prepared expressly for the Scientific American

To Make Shaker Butter

Linear Perspective Drawing

Fusible Metal, or Metallic Pencils

Magnetic Power of Mineral Substances


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    June 02, 1849

    Confronting Common Wisdom