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Feather Bucket Water Wheel

The Ballston Railroad Disaster

Hudson River Railroad

New England Accumulations


Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad Company

A Southern Factory


Alabama Iron


The Ancient Britons

The Cotton Crop

Expences of California Emigration

Tobacco and Mortality

Treatment of the Cholera

Largest Steamboat in the World

Meals on the North River Boats

Meteoric Iron in South Carolina

Average Income of Man

Boiling Potatoes

Population of the World

The Crops in Ohio

The Magnetic Telegraph

The Mining Population of England

Ericsson's Condensing and Distilling Apparatus

Arrival of Mr. Alexander Bain

The Value of Cold Water

City of Nanking

Preparation of a Solid Varnish for Preserving Iron From Rust

Convict Library

The Mlneraloglst.---The Description and Locality of Every Important Mineral In the United States

Inventive Genius of America



Improved Straw Cutter

The Potatoe

Important Invention in Wool Spinning

A Curious Discovery

Marden's Improved Mode of Hanging Window Shades

New Instrument for Dressing Wounds

New Locomotive Engine

New Steam Boiler Feeder

New Way of Making Shot

Novel Method of Marine Propulsion

Self-Acting Brake for Vehicles

Important to Railroad Men

Very Important Patent Cases

Supplying Albany With Water

Remington's Bridge

The Cholera

Dyeing Straw

Snakes in New Orleans

Our London Patrons

Charcoal for Wounds or to Prevent Contagion in Hospitals

American Hand Cut Files

Death of an Ingenious Mechanic


Fire Brick

List of Patents

Pyramids or Egypt

The Use of Lime in Building

New Inventions

Precious Metals

An Iron Stomach

The Striped Bug

The Curcullo

Change of Color in Fish

Marking Sheep

Patent Laws--Action of the Patent Office--Appeals


History of the Rotary Engine


To Preserve Flowers

The Weather

Sleep for Plants


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  • Letters

    The “Ten Hour System”

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June 09, 1849

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