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Gas Explosion

Columbus and Cleveland Railroad

Survey of a Rail Route to California

New Railroad Cars

Improvement in Apparatus for Feeding Steam Boilers

A Good Safe

Culture of Tomatoes

Coolidge Said Not to be Dead

An English Clock in Constantinople

Law of Patents in Prussia

Turkish Education

Supply of Coal

Land Speculation



Influence of the Press

Improved Method of Tempering Edge Tools

To Editors and Publishers in the U. S

Coal in Massachusetts

Cholera.--Review of the Opinions on the Subject

Wheeling (Va.,) Silk Manufactory

The Crank

Source of Electricity

Lightning Conductors

Solution of Problems on Page 288, No. 36

To Treat Peach Trees

New Self-Acting Railroad Switch

Improvement in Power Looms

New Electric Telegraph

Electric Light for Daguerreotypes

Onapman's Balance Rotary Slide Valve

Lyman's Patent Steam and Water Guage

Important Discovery

Steam Plough

New Wagon Wheel

Dissolving Bones by Steam

American Carpets

Our London Patrons

Street Cleaning

Simpson's Propeller

Ancient Pyramid of Balls

Scientific Memoranda

Potatoe Sugar

The Office of the Bat

The End of Prudence

Expenses of British Colonies

Cocoa Nuts


Earth the Natural Friend of Man

The History of the Solar System

List of Patents

History of the Rotary Engine

Portable Provisions for Travellers and Hunters

Cure for Cholera

Patent Laws--Subjects of Patents

A New Discovery to Separate Potatoes of Different Qualities


The Scalpel


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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