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Boston and Montreal Railroad

Terrific Explosion of Fireworks

Belles and Dahlias

Railroads in the West


Mary's White Rose

Great Explosion

Improvement in Diving Bells

We Watched Her Breathing

Mexican Books

Georgia Yarns Going North

Chemical Cholera--Data for Investigation

Savings and Investments of Spinners and Weavers

Milk as an Article of Dlet

Increase of Population in the North West

Present of Medals

The Plow

A Good Disinfectant

Gold Fish in the Hudson

Death of James K. Polk

The Cholera

Rich Jewels Found

Gigantic Table-Land

Camphor in Cholera

Rice Milk

Notice--Read This


Indian and Yankee

Garden Flowers

The Rose

A Statesman's Mind

O'Flaherty and the Bees

Chinese Manufactures

Removing Incrustations on Boilers

New Way to Zinc Copper and Brass

New Press for Printing Wrappers

Electro Printing Process on Porcelain

New Perpetual Motion

Improvement in Wire Fences

Fire Ladder Application

New Oil for Machinery

Improvement in Railroad Car Springs

Worster's Diving Bell

Muntz's Improved Metal for Sheathing Ships

Another New Planet

Great Patent Case

Free Bathing for the Poor

Ames's Great Machine Factory

A New Motive Power

Dredging Sandusky Harbor


Lime--Some of its Uses

History of Wonderful Inventions

The Pope's State Carriage

The History of the Solar System

List of Patents

The Pictorial Organ

History of the Rotary Engine

Method or Preventing the Oxidation of Iron

Animal Electricity

Argentiferous Galena

Patent Laws

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World!

Fourth Year of the Scientific American!


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