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Apparatus for Extracting the Poison From Wounds--Hydrophobia and Other kinds

The Ship Canal

Self-Acting Brake for Vehicles

New City Railroad Project

Land Sunk

Coal in the West

A Great Speculation

Sir John Franklin

Important Decision

Importance of Plank Roads to Farmers


The Moustache

Extraordinary Hall Storm

Costly Boiler

The Mormon Manifesto

Reported Cases or Cholera

Old Frescoes Found


Druidical Remains

O'Connell's Library


Discoveries in Constantinople

Snuff and Plants

Cotton Consumption in the United States

Anglo Saxon Stock

Opposition to Inventive Experiments


Contempt for a Traitor

Adam's Will

Triumph of American Industry

New Electro Magnetic Clock

Zincographic Printing and Engraving in Colors

Steel Tubes

Railroad Smoke Gun

Improvement on Railroad Trucks

New Stave Jointing Machine

Machine for Turning Umbrella Sticks

Improvement in Wool Carding Machines

The Telegraph Patent Decision

Water Engine and Air Tubes

Culture of Grapes in Ohio

Lightning Rods

History of the Rotary Engine

Missouri Hemp Crop

Arabian Cattle

To Our Contemporaries and Subscribers

A Theory Spoiled

A Presbyterian Church in Italy

List of Patents

Gold and Silver Point East and West

An Author's Prediction

Formation of Character

Richard Arkwright


The Bankers Magazine

True Heroism


A Ready Rule for Farmers

The Cause of Bad Teeth

The Best Mechanical Paper

To Render Wood Durable

The Manufacture of Glass

Patent Laws--Subjects or Patents


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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