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Railroad News

Iillnois Railroad Convention

To Mary

Galena and Chicago Railroad

New Lithographic Printing Press

A Grave Joke

Book Binding

Superior Dental Operation

The Cotton Crop in Mississippi

To Obtain Salts of Potass for Felspar

Heat at St. Louis

Restraint on Marriage

Sea Serpent Book

Manufacture In Georgia

“Sun Stroke”

Lead Pipe for Water

Improvement of Western Rivers

Collins' Steam Ships

Cholera at Saratoga



Ten Hour System at Washington

Bad News for Rogues

Economy of Chemical Discovery

Animal Heat

Water Wheels

MATTEAWAN, June 28, 1849.


Nitrogen and Some of its Applications

New Discovery for Soldering lron or Steel

Steam Hod Carrier

Explosion Preventer

Manufacture of Iron

New Pigments

Powder to Make Iron Malleable, and to Clean it

A Cuba Rocking Chair

Railroad Speed and Power

New Machine for Carving

New Uses of Granite

To Prepare Cotton Cloth to Write on as a Substitute for Paper

Cholera Mixture

American Navigation of the Orinoco

Another Aerial Ship

Declaration of Independence

Lightning Conductors

Decision in the Telegraph Case

Gentle Woman

The History of Steam Navigation

New Calculating Machine

Pressure of the Atmosphere

List of Patents

Straw for Bonnets

A Queer Head Dress

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World!

Patent Laws and Business

Ingenious Lead for Sounding the Depth of Rivers

Manufacture of Glass

The Water Cure Journal and Herald of Reforms

Chicory in Coffee


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    To Correspondents

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July 07, 1849

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